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miner app

Mining and remote workshops

This app was developed for Vale's first wireless mine in Canada to provide visibility, support, and communication between workers as well between surface and underground.

The Greenhouse framework

The Greenhouse is one of the solutions that Vale's technology department has developed to help the internal team to find opportunities for innovation. Inspired by the design sprints, it happens through local sessions of co-creative workshops with stakeholders and external designers, all over Brazil, in a shorter time. The workshops and the phases of ideation, design, prototyping, and tests usually happen in 03 days. The framework focuses on Vale's internal problems, but it can be flexible, as required, such as the case within this project.

Workshop with stakeholders

My first challenge was to adapt to the Greenhouse workshop in an online format. Through research, I've adjusted the method, process, and form of application, to fit in the new context.

With the technical team and stakeholders in Toronto and the design team in São Paulo, we ran the workshop via video conference, using the app Miro to facilitate the discussion process (Miro is a web-collaborative tool that helps everyone participate by contributing with insights and ideas). In this way, we understood the problems, the context of use, and mapped the needs of future users and technology. The whole design process took one week and divided into:

Online workshop

04 hours
  • Understand the problem
  • Understand the user and their needs
  • Exchange information and knowledge about routines and contexts
  • Review initial ideas and usage flows


06 hours
  • Review the issues raised in the workshop
  • Map needs and functionalities
  • Devise possible solution formats
  • Define usage flow
  • Design wireframes


24 hours
  • Search for market references
  • Develop the interface
  • Create a prototype on Invision
  • Apply new online prototype validation workshop with stakeholders


06 hours
  • Adjust prototype after validation
  • Finish and refine screens
  • List interactions for the development
  • Generate components for delivery
Boards criados na sessão

The Challenges

In the workshop, we've mapped the pain-points and needs of using the application and separated according to the context of use and functionalities, as:

Context of use


Boards criados na sessão Boards criados na sessão

Prototyping ideas

The design process began when we finished the video conference. We started by reviewing the challenges and documents delivered by the stakeholders, in addition to the screens of the initial idea, generating the first hypothesis with the first drawings of flows and screens. Due to the short time, we stayed in the sketches and then moved directly to the UI.

Throughout the process, we considered some aspects, such as:

For the solution, we thought on the analogy of a playlist, where the supervisor would create the "playlist of the day" for each miner, thus:

Boards criados na sessão Boards criados na sessão

For the interface design, the Greenhouse process works with style guides, based on Material Design with the direction of Vale's branding applied. However, we wanted to make the interface adapted to a dark environment, so I customized it, considering particularities for the design of dark screens:

Screens ready, I created the prototype to present to the stakeholders in a new validation workshop. We aligned expectations, following feedback, and suggestions for improvements in the implementation.

After the adjustments, we delivered the project to the development team of Canada. The designed interface and components were used in the following workshops when, the other parts of this ecosystem, were designed.

UI design UI design UI design UI design UI design UI design UI design


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